Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

by: ide-home

HiRise for Apple Watch is an elegant, modern stand that showcases your beautiful new timepiece while you charge it overnight. The sturdy HiRise holds any Apple Watch at a stable height and angle that lets you interact with your watch while it’s charging. It only takes a moment to insert (or remove) your Magnetic Charging Cable, and it can be used with any style Apple Watch band, including closed-loop metal bands. Thoughtful silicone accents and a leather landing pad protect your watch, buckled or not. HiRise for Apple Watch, in Silver and Black, will begin shipping May 12.

Why HiRise for Apple Watch?
• Stable, sturdy base (to safely hit ‘Snooze’ in the morning)
• Charging Disk removes in seconds for travel (road trip ready)
• Protects & manages all style bands, buckled or not (and who re-buckles?)


Time doesn’t stand still, but HiRise does.
HiRise for Apple Watch is designed, like HiRise for iPhone, with a stable, metal base that lets you interact with the screen on your watch while it’s charging. See alerts, reply to messages or check the time at a glance. This brushed metal stand is elevated and angled just right so you can see your Watch screen while lying in bed or glancing over at a countertop. A non-slip rubber base keeps HiRise in place.

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